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Hailing from a family of foodies, I would consider food as a 5th element (unless someone else has first dibs on defining the 5th element, and not that redhead from the movie :P). Food is one of the few things you cannot go without, and there is only so much you can have at once no matter how much you love it. I have always been awed by how we humans transform ingredients of nature into many wonderful dishes, rather than eating them in their native state.  Being part of this civilization, I wish to hear a Slurp, or a Chomp or a Yumm! for everything I make and hope to share with you these experiences. 

The Indian tradition has several mechanisms that ensures for our palate, a constant delivery of a variety of dishes. We have an endless series of religious and cultural festivals that include elaborate 5 course meals and a requirement that each one have a unique combination of dishes. This is particularly characteristic of South Indian traditions. No wonder we like to call ourselves ‘Soth Indians’ ! (Soth ~ food). 

I am very thankful to all the food bloggers that have inspired me, particularly DK. I would also not have started this blog if not for Madhuri Kumar who prodded me and provided feedback and content suggestions as I set this blog up, and my lazy Hubby who finally got down to it and helped me with graphics and initial content for this blog (Sorry!, it looks like I needed all that help and inspiration to get to something that is relatively easily accomplished these days :) ). 

This blog’s primary focus will be traditional South Indian recipes (including some trade secrets from the many great cooks in my family :)). It will also feature baking recipes as baking fits well with my cooking style - where I prefer charting out the vision and recipe before I start. Since I moved to the US, I have diversified my food interests beyond traditional Indian dishes and recipes, and have discovered many interesting dishes from the food blogger world. I will be sharing some of these recipes as well. My husband is also a very inspired cook and a very good one at that. He has currently shown willingness to occasionally post on this blog - let’s see how that goes! :P

So, that’s something old , something new, something borrowed and something blue for you. 

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